COSP Project Description

With the deinstitutionalization of persons committed to psychiatric hospitals and changes in psychiatric treatment brought about by managed care efforts, consumers developed self-help program to improve outcomes for people with mental issues through peer support. COSP services offered include centers and housing programs, peer counseling, crisis alternatives to hospitalization and business ventures.

Little formal evaluation has focused on the effectiveness of this mental health program delivery model. An understanding of existing service programs could provide the empirical basis for creating partnerships between this program and traditional mental health services.

The Consumer-Operated Services Program Multisite Research Initiative is a national effort to discover to what extent programs as an adjunct to traditional mental health services are effective in improving the outcomes of people with serious mental illness.

Study that is designed to:

· check the effect of consumer-operated services on empowerment, housing, and satisfaction with services;

· determine how participation in COSP affects costs for in-patient hospitalization and crisis intervention.

· Secondary goals are to create partnerships among consumers and service providers, and to disseminate knowledge gained about the effectiveness of this project .


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